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Record-breaking Toronto storm drops 126mm of rain, causing blackouts, flooding and transit chaos
Monday evening’s record-breaking rainfall continues to wreak havoc on Toronto’s morning commute with subway and GO train delays, road closures, and power outages in the west end of the city Tuesday.

By midnight Pearson airport had officially seen 126 mm, a single-day record for Toronto. The previous single-day record for rainfall was set at 121.4 mm in 1954. The average rainfall for the entire month of July in Toronto is only 74 mm.

“We had 90 millimetres of rain within an hour and a half at the airport,” said Peter Kimbell, a meteorologist at Environment Canada, who said the storm ranked among the most intense rainfalls the city has ever seen.

Photos: Tony Hicks for National Post; Tyler Anderson/National Post; Michelle Siu for National Post; Peter J. Thompson/National Post; THE CANADIAN PRESS/Winston Neutel; THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

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